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SC-11310 - Satin Brass - White Opal Acrylic

SC-11310 - Satin Brass - White Opal Acrylic


SC-11300 - SC-11311

W:4.5" x H:15" x X:5.5" x MC:11"

SC-11304 LED Lamping: (2) 11W LED (2385 lumens)
SC-11300 Incandescent: (2) 60W T-10 (1600 lumens)

W:6" x H:20" x X:7.5" x MC:15"

SC-11310 LED Lamping: (2) 13W LED (2820 lumens)
SC-11301 Incandescent: (2) 75W A-19 (2800 lumens)

W:7.5" x H:25" x X:9.5" x MC:19"

SC-11311 LED Lamping: (2) 23w LED (5580 lumens)
SC-11302 Incandescent: (2) 100W A-19 (3400 lumens)

Our Argos fixtures are classic sconces, chandeliers, and pendants. They feature solid brass or aluminum constructions with curving Greek details coupled to hand formed support straps.


Argos Series: