PD-1804 - Satin Brass - White Opal Acrylic

PD-1804 - Satin Brass - White Opal Acrylic


PD-1800 ~ PD-1831

W:20" x H:24" - 3' Stem or Chain

PD-1809 LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
PD-1820 Incandescent: (3) 100W A-19
PD-1830 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:24" x H:32" - 6' Stem or Chain

PD-1810 LED Lamping: (6) 13W LED
PD-1800 Incandescent: (3) 150W A-21
PD-1803 Fluorescent: (4) CFTR42W

W:32" x H:36" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-1811 LED Lamping: (4) 23W LED
PD-1821 Incandescent: (6) 100W A-19
PD-1831 Fluorescent: (6) CFTR42W

W:36" x H:44" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-1812 LED Lamping: (4) 38W LED
PD-1801 Incandescent: (6) 150W A-21
PD-1804 Fluorescent: (6) FT40W

W:46" x H:56" - 12' Stem or Chain

PD-1813 LED Lamping: (6) 52W LED
PD-1802 Incandescent: (12) 150W A-21
PD-1805 Fluorescent: (6) FT50W

Our Luna fixtures are simple bowl designs  producing smooth but powerful foot candles to rooms they inhabit. Luna is available in pendant, ceiling, and wall versions. Clean edges and sturdy framing are elegant.

Luna Series: