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2010-WC - Burnished Bronze - White Opal Acrylic

2010-WC - Burnished Bronze - White Opal Acrylic

2001-WC - 2013-WC

W:10" x H:14" x X:4" x MC:7" - ADA Compliant

2001-WC LED Lamping: (2) 13W LED
2008-WC Incandescent: (2) 60W A-19
2009-WC Fluorescent: (2) CFQ18W

W:12" x H:16" x X:6" x MC:8"

2002-WC LED Lamping: (3) 13W LED
2010-WC Incandescent: (3) 60W A-19
2011-WC Fluorescent: (2) CFQ26W

W:14" x H:20" x X:7" x MC:10"

2003-WC LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
2012-WC Incandescent: (4) 60W A-19
2013-WC Fluorescent: (2) FT36W

Our Nash fixtures are basic church lanterns and sconces featuring straight cut staves and spun trim rings. They may be ordered in a variety of finishes and acrylics. Good lights for contemporary and traditional spaces.


Nash Series: