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PD-6331 - Satin Stainless Steel - White Opal Acrylic

PD-6331 - Satin Stainless Steel - White Opal Acrylic


PD-6300 ~ PD-6331

W:18" x H:7" - 3' Cables

PD-6309 LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
PD-6320 Incandescent: (3) 100W A-19
PD-6330 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:24" x H:9" - 6' Cables

PD-6310 LED Lamping: (6) 13W LED
PD-6300 Incandescent: (3) 150W A-21
PD-6303 Fluorescent: (4) CFTR42W

W:30" x H:11" - 9' Cables

PD-6311 LED Lamping: (4) 23W LED
PD-6321 Incandescent: (6) 100W A-19
PD-6331 Fluorescent: (6) CFTR42W

W:38" x H:14" - 9' Cables

PD-6312 LED Lamping: (4) 38W LED
PD-6301 Incandescent: (6) 150W A-21
PD-6304 Fluorescent: (8) CFTR42W

W:48" x H:18" - 12' Cables

PD-6313 LED Lamping: (6) 52W LED
PD-6302 Incandescent: (12) 150W A-21
PD-6305 Fluorescent: (10) CFTR42W

Our Kobe fixtures are sophisticated metal configurations featuring interior and exterior concentric rings. We build them from thick metal plate and seamless acrylic. They are dynamic pieces for contemporary spaces. 

Kobe Series: