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PD-9111 - Oil Rubbed Bronze - Honey Alabaster Acrylic

PD-9111 - Oil Rubbed Bronze - Honey Alabaster Acrylic


PD-9100 ~ PD-9131

W:18" x H:20" - 3' Stem or Chain

PD-9109 LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
PD-9120 Incandescent: (3) 100W A-19
PD-9130 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:24" x H:26" - 6' Stem or Chain

PD-9110 LED Lamping: (6) 13W LED
PD-9100 Incandescent: (3) 150W A-21
PD-9103 Fluorescent: (4) CFTR42W

W:30" x H:33" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-9111 LED Lamping: (4) 23W LED
PD-9121 Incandescent: (6) 100W A-19
PD-9131 Fluorescent: (6) CFTR42W

W:38" x H:42" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-9112 LED Lamping: (4) 38W LED
PD-9101 Incandescent: (6) 150W A-21
PD-9104 Fluorescent: (6) FT40W

W:46" x H:50" - 12' Stem or Chain

PD-9113 LED Lamping: (6) 52W LED
PD-9102 Incandescent: (12) 150W A-21
PD-9105 Fluorescent: (8) FT50W

Our Rincon fixtures are contemporary drum shapes. Large diameter spinnings top and bottom of the drum form the frame and simple square staves do the joining. Many acrylic choices to be had!

Rincon Series: