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PD-9531 - Satin Aluminum - White Opal Acrylic

PD-9531 - Satin Aluminum - White Opal Acrylic

PD-9500 ~ PD-9531

W:18" x H:18" - 3' Stem or Chain

PD-9509 LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
PD-9520 Incandescent: (3) 100W A-19
PD-9530 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:24" x H:24" - 6' Stem or Chain

PD-9510 LED Lamping: (6) 13W LED
PD-9500 Incandescent: (3) 150W A-21
PD-9503 Fluorescent: (4) CFTR42W

W:30" x H:30" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-9511 LED Lamping: (4) 23W LED
PD-9521 Incandescent: (6) 100W A-19
PD-9531 Fluorescent: (6) CFTR42W

W:36" x H:36" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-9512 LED Lamping: (4) 38W LED
PD-9501 Incandescent: (6) 150W A-21
PD-9504 Fluorescent: (8) CFTR42W

W:46" x H:46" - 12' Stem or Chain

PD-9513 LED Lamping: (6) 52W LED
PD-9502 Incandescent: (12) 150W A-21
PD-9505 Fluorescent: (10) CFTR42W

Our Palmyra fixtures are sleek bowls and trim sconces featuring parallel spun trim rings and extra bright acrylic lenses. We offer Palmyra in an amazing array of acrylic colors and metal finishes. Sure to please!.

Palmyra Series: