CL-3101 - Satin Black - School House Shade

CL-3101 - Satin Black - School House Shade

CL-3100 - CL-3131

W:10" x H:12"

CL-3109 LED Lamping: (1) 11W LED
CL-3120 Incandescent: (1) 60W A-19
CL-3130 Fluorescent: (1) CFTR18W

W:14" x H:15"

CL-3110 LED Lamping: (1) 23W LED
CL-3100 Incandescent: (1) 150W A-21
CL-3103 Fluorescent: (1) CFTR42W

W:12" x H:13"

CL-3111 LED Lamping: (1) 13W LED
CL-3121 Incandescent: (1) 100W A-19
CL-3131 Fluorescent: (1) CFTR26W

W:16" x H:17"

CL-3112 LED Lamping: (1) 38W LED
CL-3101 Incandescent: (1) 200W A-21
CL-3104 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:18" x H:19"

CL-3113 LED Lamping: (1) 52W LED
CL-3102 Incandescent: (1) 300W A-23
CL-3105 Fluorescent: (3) CFTR42W

Our Feldip fixtures have been around in the lighting world in one form or another since the early 20th century. They are classic hand-blown globes, still just as functional and good looking as ever.

Feldip Series: