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PD-6205 - Dark Bronze - White Opal Acrylic

PD-6205 - Dark Bronze - White Opal Acrylic


PD-6200 ~ PD-6231

W:20" x H:19" - 3' Stem or Chain

PD-6209 LED Lamping: (4) 13W LED
PD-6220 Incandescent: (3) 100W A-19
PD-6230 Fluorescent: (2) CFTR42W

W:26" x H:25" - 6' Stem or Chain

PD-6210 LED Lamping: (6) 13W LED
PD-6200 Incandescent: (3) 150W A-21
PD-6203 Fluorescent: (4) CFTR42W

W:32" x H:30" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-6211 LED Lamping: (4) 23W LED
PD-6221 Incandescent: (6) 100W A-19
PD-6231 Fluorescent: (6) CFTR42W

W:38" x H:36" - 9' Stem or Chain

PD-6212 LED Lamping: (4) 38W LED
PD-6201 Incandescent: (6) 150W A-21
PD-6204 Fluorescent: (6) FT40W

W:46" x H:44" - 12' Stem or Chain

PD-6213 LED Lamping: (6) 52W LED
PD-6202 Incandescent: (12) 150W A-21
PD-6205 Fluorescent: (8) FT50W

Our Calcutta fixtures express a standard of craftsmanship and design that reminds all of us here in the Lightsmith studios how important attention to detail can be in the creation of fine lanterns. Just gorgeous!!

Calcutta Series: